What is #ForLapel?
#ForLapel is a movement aspiring to bring unity in the community.  Over the next 2 years we will pick businesses to target with our support; be that monetarily, writing an encouraging note, bringing a meal, bringing snacks, or simply stopping by to show our support.  
Why #ForLapel?
Unfortunately, for years churches have been known for what they are against.  What this movement aspires to do is show what theRiver church is for, and that is for YOU, and for Lapel.  We believe as a community we can flourish as we are united together in supporting others.
How did it start?
Simply put, we saw a need and we wanted to do what we can to unite the community.  The River took the initiative to start #ForLapel so the town would see it is loved and supported. #ForLapel is a dream to inspire others to go further and farther for each other, because Lapel matters.  
Below is a video highlighting the current business for the movement, take a look, get involved, and do what you can #ForLapel!
Click for video
Click on the logo to check out the #ForLapel swag available exclusively through Living Word Designs based out of Lapel!  A portion of each purchase will go to the Lapel Food Pantry as a donation!
Stay current on all #ForLapel events both here on the site and through our social media outlets!